Social Value

The Company believes that investing in the community is an integral part of our business and what we do.

It is fully embedded and incorporated into our core business processes so that delivering added social value is not an unrelated add-on. Our approach incorporates not only our distinct community investment activities but also the way we operate, the way we treat our people and those of others and the things we choose to do.

What do we mean by social value?

In accordance with the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012, we believe that a social value approach has the potential to help society and communities to thrive.

The term “social value” refers to approaches and initiatives that maximise the additional benefits that can be gained for society and local communities through our core business as well as any specific programmes or initiatives. These form part of the contract bids and delivery for our clients and customers.

We believe that it is the impact of our initiatives and core business that is key and we seek to consider the lifetime benefits to individuals and communities. We also consider the social impact of our mainstream activities and mitigate those that could have a negative impact as well as enhance those that have a beneficial impact.

The Company is the vehicle through which we deliver our social value strategy. Our approach to distinct community investment activities focusses on social issues that are a natural fit with our business.

Our overall aim is to leave a positive social legacy through our work and add value to our clients and our communities by:

  • leaving a lasting legacy in communities helping them to thrive and prosper
  • inspiring people, particularly those who are socially-excluded, by providing opportunities for them to improve their lives
  • adding social value to the communities in which we work that is aligned to local needs within the context of wider social environment.

The Company Approach

Our approach is to implement the spirit, as well as the letter, of the Social Value Act by working with clients, local authorities and others to identify, collaborate and support the social needs of local communities in order to optimise the impact of initiatives (either our own or those of others).

Our approach uses the skills, knowledge and enthusiasm of our employees to provide greater community benefit than donations alone could provide. Consequently, everyone in our business is encouraged to give their time and expertise to our community investment programmes for communities. Adding social value is part of our culture and we want to make sure it stays that way.

In addition, we use local employment wherever possible and practical, and we also work with voluntary organisations, charity partners and social enterprises.

We provide support to social enterprises and other third sector organisations, sharing our knowledge and good practice. This approach helps to support local economies and regeneration both socially and economically and support and add to the good work that is already happening in the area.

The Social Value strategy is the responsibility of the Director with support from the from all staff.